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Latest Updates and News



  • Congratulations to the Top 3 Beast Slayers this month! Telop [110 points, prize of $56.50], Hizor [74 points, prize of 520 Painite], and Baam [26 points, prize of 76 Bid Tokens]!
  • Congratulations to the Top 3 Land Conquerors of Htrea this month! Hizor [29 squares, prize of $30.10], Baam [23 squares, prize of 301 Painite], and Telop [12 squares, prize of 60,200,000 Gold]!
  • 11/15/2014

  • Changed the chat box so that it floats above the page which allows the user to view chat without scrolling down
  • Added the ability to move around the map using the keyboard
  • 11/14/2014

  • Fixed small issue with Profile pages not showing the correct subscription level
  • 11/13/2014

  • Removed 5% bonus drop from the Miner class and replaced it with a 5% greater chance to find loaded chests
  • Redid the formulas for character stats so they are larger and increase at a better rate
  • Replaced the shrine images with images that will allow for better identification
  • 11/11/2014

  • Eliminated random stat increases with level increases
  • Stats will now be tied directly to Character level
  • Introduced 4 Character classes with advantages and disadvantages: Miner, Rogue, Warrior and Beserker. The Character Class can be changed in the Upgrade Tab. The first class selection is free, after that there will be a Painite charge
  • Increased the amount of bag space that can be purchased